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Common Issues

Static Pages Do Not Save Changes

Pasting in from Microsoft Word or repeatedly from SWIFT itself can often corrupt a page. Microsoft Word pastes in a lot of web un-friendly hidden formatting along with it that can easily break a page. Pasting from SWIFT itself (especially if it is done repeatedly) can corrupt a page. The only way to fix a corrupt page is to clear its formatting.

To clear a page formatting:

  1. Edit the page in SWIFT management.
  2. Click inside of the page's editor.
  3. Select all the content (do not just highlight with your mouse). On a Windows computer, use the CTRL-A keyboard shortcut. On a Mac, use the Command-A shortcut. You can also usually go to the Edit menu of your browser and click on Select All.
  4. From SWIFT's rich text editor menu, click on the gray eraser icon to clear the formatting.
  5. You can then add back in all your formatting.

This often happens on pages that teachers are recording homework assignments. To prevent this problem from occurring, it is strongly recommended that teachers instead use Blog page types to get that information out to students.

Managing PagesTable of ContentsAdministrative Tasks