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Managing Sites

Creating New Site

Administrators decide how many sites a user can create. If you are allowed to create your own sites, a Create New Site button will appear at the top-left of your Site Dashboard. Once you click on this button, your options for creating a new site will appear.

Importing SWIFT v1 Site

choose-import-option.JPGFrom the Welcome/Create New Site screen, you may have multiple options for importing your SWIFT v1 site. If you have an option that includes your SWIFT v1 site title, choose this option to skip having to log in with your SWIFT v1 credentials. Otherwise, click Import [Different] SWIFT v1 Web Site. If you cannot remember your SWIFT v1 site username and password, contact your SWIFT administrators.


Once you are at the Set Up New Site screen, enter the new title and choose which pages you wish to import from your old site. All enabled pages, except for Grades, can be imported.

After you click Import, your import request will be queued. Depending on how many people are in front of you, this could take a minute or several hours. You will be able to track its progress from your Site Manager. If your user profile has an email address filled in, you will be notified via email once your site has been imported.

Creating Blank Site

If you want to start fresh, choose Create Blank Web Site from the Create New Site/Welcome screen. From this screen you can enter your site's title, choose its path (or slug), and choose what you want your first page to be. Once you've finished making your selections, click on the Create Site button. Your new SWIFT site will immediately be created.

Copying Existing Site

copy-site-option.pngIf you already have one site in SWIFT, you can copy it. From the Create New Site screen, a Copy Existing Site button will appear. To copy a site:

  1. Click on Copy Existing Site to start the process.
  2. Select the site from the drop down list of existing sites. Click Continue >>.
  3. Change the site title and path for the new site. When you're ready, click Start Copy Process.
  4. You site copy request will be entered into the queue. It may take minutes to hours to copy your site, depending on how busy SWIFT is.

Site Dashboard

You can access the site dashboard by clicking on the name of your site in the sidebar's site menu. This screen gives you an overview of how many people are viewing your site and gives you some management options in the top menu. From the top menu you can publish and unpublish, visit, modify, and delete your site. You can also access your site's password manager from the top-menu.


Updating Site Title

update-site-title.pngYour SWIFT site's title appears at the top of each page and it your school's site directory. It should be relatively short (2-5 short words, max) and descriptive.

Example of good site title: Mrs. T. Rex's 1st Grade Classroom
Example of bad site title: Mrs. T. Rex's SWIFT Web Site That Lives in Cyberspace

To modify your site title, click on Modify Site in the top-menu of your site dashboard. Here you can also password protect your entire site and change its published status. Click Modify when you have made your changes.

Deleting Site

delete-site.pngThe year has ended and you want to kick off the summer by trashing your SWIFT site so you can come back in the Fall and start fresh. This may be possible, if your administrators have allowed users to delete their own site. If you can delete your site, you will see a red Delete Site button at the top of your site dashboard. You will be asked to enter your password (to protect your site from that one student who always seems to be hanging out next to your computer).

You may be reading this after you accidentally deleted your site. If that is the case, contact a SWIFT administrator immediately. If you notify them fast enough, it should be possible to restore your SWIFT site. 

Publishing and Unpublishing Site

unpublish_publish_site.pngEntire SWIFT sites can be marked as published or unpublished. Unpublished web sites will only be accessible to authors with access (when logged in). You can unpublish or publish your SWIFT site from your site dashboard's top-menu.

Password Management

password-protected-zone.JPGYou can password protect your entire SWIFT site, individual pages, or even some entries on your pages (such as photo albums and files). All your passwords are managed from your Password Protected Zones manager. You can access this manager from your site dashboard by clicking on the Manage Passwords option in your top-menu.

From here you can add, remove, and modify passwords for use throughout your site. Thinking of your site hierarchically (sites have pages which may have entries, such as documents and photo albums), if you password protect your entire site, all of its pages and page entries cannot be password protected. If you password protect a page, individual entries cannot be password protected. Also, a user only has to enter the same password once per visit. If you have multiple files password protected with a specific password, they will only have to enter that password for the first file they try to download.

Sites in a password protected district or school will not be able to use the password protection features in SWIFT.

Getting StartedTable of ContentsManaging Pages